Entry requirements

 Applicable to all Concentrations

All applicants must have:

  • Completed an appropriate undergraduate degree for the concentration they are applying to, as detailed on the relevant concentration page.
  • A standing equivalent to at least B+ (77-79%) in their final year (i.e., two terms) of study (the equivalent of 5 full credits, or 10 half credits).
  • Achieved English-language proficiency according to the requirements set by the School of Graduate Studies.

Work experience (including co-op placements or internships) is preferred, but not required.

If you are an international student, please use the University of Toronto's International Degree Equivalencies Tool to determine whether the University will recognize your undergraduate degree

Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • Copies of all academic transcripts pertaining to qualifications gained from undergraduate onwards
  • CV/Resume
  • Statement of purpose
  • Details of three referees (names, affiliations i.e university/company, and e-mail addresses)
  • ELP Tests (if applicable)
  • GRE scores (if applicable)
  • Any other relevant information you would like to share with the admissions committee i.e. links to projects, research papers

Statement of Purpose & References

On the MScAC program application, applicants must include a statement of purpose and three letters of support from faculty members and/or employers. Ideally, at least two of the referee letters should be academic references. However, given the nature of the program, it is entirely appropriate to use referees who have an industry background and have worked with you in a senior or supervisory capacity.

We admit only superior students who are committed to the concentration to which they are applying. The statement of purpose is your opportunity explain why you should be admitted. Some points you may wish to address:

  • You understand the requirements of graduate school in general and the MScAC program in particular
  • Why this program is an appropriate opportunity for you, and how it fits your career goals
  • Why you are a good fit for the program
  • Any appropriate research/applied research experience including your particular contributions
  • Specific details regarding your particular area of interest
  • Your awareness of trends in computer science, the IT sector, or other relevant information

This statement is an opportunity to show us your commitment to quality and your skills in English. Poorly written, error-filled statements will result in your not being admitted to the program so we strongly advise that you carefully proofread your statement.

English Language Requirements and Submission

The admitting degree for the MSc in Applied Computing program is the qualification considered equivalent to a University of Toronto four-year undergraduate degree.  The admitting degree is what the requirement for English Language Proficiency tests is based on.

Requirements for proof of English Language:

  • If your admitting degree was earned at a university where the language of instruction and examination is not English, you must pass an acceptable English Language Proficiency Test.
  • If your admitting degree was earned at a university where the language of instruction and examination was uniformly English, you may be exempt. However, we may still require a letter confirming the language of instruction and examination and this must be provided directly to the graduate unit by the applicant’s home institution.
  • In the event that you have earned a degree in a program split between two institutions, where one of the institutions language of instruction and examination is not uniformly English, even if the degree is awarded by an English-medium institution, language scores must be provided, as the language of instruction and examination is not uniformly English.

Other, non-university education programs – community college, continuing education studies etc. – do not normally qualify to exempt an applicant from ELP requirements.

If English-language scores are required, your MScAC application is not complete until you have submitted successful scores.

Canadian citizens who studied at a Canadian university where the language of instruction is French are exempt from these requirements.