Math Aid Centres

To assist first-year students in their mathematical studies, the Department of Mathematics provides drop-in centres for all Arts & Science students. Tutors will be available for math assistance on a one-on-one basis. All services are free of charge to registered Arts & Science students.

Location Room Number Intended For Priority
New College Wilson Hall, Room 2002
All First Year Courses MAT 137Y open to all students.
Priority for all other courses to New College students
Trinity College LA 212 All First and Second Year Courses Priority to Trinity College students
Woodsworth College WW 215
All First and Second Year Courses Priority to Woodsworth College students
Geography Math Help Centre SS, 5th floor Geography lounge Geography Undergraduate Courses
Open to students taking courses in the Department of Geography and Planning.  TAs are from the department.
PG 101, first floor
MAT133Y, MAT135H, MAT136H,
MAT223H, and MAT224H,
Open to all students.
Course-specific TAs used.


For help in Statistics, please consult the Department of Statistics. The Stats Aid Centre is at SS 2133.