Quiver Varieties and Higgs Bundles

Summer 2012

Tuesdays 2-4pm, Room 1018, 215 Huron St.,
University of Toronto (Campus Map)

The seminar has ended. Notes will be posted shortly.


Jonathan Fisher, Steven Rayan


Date Speaker Topics
2012-05-15 Jonathan Fisher Kahler and hyperkahler quotients, quiver varieties
2012-05-22 Jonathan Fisher Hypertoric varieties, \(\mathbb{C}^\times\)-action and core
2012-06-05 Steven Rayan Twisted Higgs bundles, Hitchin map, \(\mathbb{C}^\times\)-action
2012-06-12 Steven Rayan Morse theory on moduli of twisted Higgs
2012-06-20 Jonathan Fisher Polygon and hyperpolygon spaces, Morse theory
2012-06-26 Jonathan Fisher Betti numbers of hyperpolygon spaces
2012-07-10 Jonathan Fisher The Kirwan map and the Konno method
2012-07-17 Steven Rayan Morse theory on twisted Higgs, quiver bundles
2012-07-24 Steven Rayan Betti numbers for rank 2 and 3
2012-07-31 Jonathan Fisher Higher rank polygons, equivariant Morse theory
2012-08-07 Jonathan Fisher Betti numbers of critical sets in higher rank
2012-08-14 Jonathan Fisher Betti numbers of critical sets in rank 3
2012-08-30 Jonathan Fisher Parabolic Higgs and polygons
2012-09-04 Jonathan Fisher Polygons spaces for other flag types, complete integrability

This seminar is part of the Geometric Structures Laboratory at the Fields Institute.

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