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Course outline

Pdf version.

MAT1835 Dynamical Systems
Instructor: Ke Zhang
Office: PG 200B
Time and place : M 12-1 and 2-3; W 12-1, BA6180
Office hours: Wednesday 1:30-3:30 or by appointments.


Problem sets and final presentation. I will provide (and update) a list of suggested topics for final presentation. You are welcome to suggest your own related topic.


Michael Brin and Garrett Stuck, Introduction to dynamical systems, Cambridge University Press.
Anatole Katok and Boris Hasselblatt, Introduction to the modern theory of dynamical systems, Cambridge University Press.
Karl Friedrich Sigburg, The principle of least action in Geometry and dynamics. Springer .

Lecture notes

I will try to type up most of the topics covered in the lectures. The following dropbox file will be constantly updated.

Old Lecture notes

Lecture notes from last offering. I plan to revise and incorporate these notes with the above file.
Notes on Hadamard-Perron Theorem: pdf.
Notes on smooth linearization and normal forms: pdf.
Notes on KAM Theorem: pdf

Problem sets
Problem set 1 Link.