Current Cabinet

Please see below for descriptions of each position.

Position Name(s) Email(s)
President Malors Emilio Espinosa Lara srolam.espinosalara [at]
Vice president Anne Dranovski a.dranovski [at]
Treasurer Debanjana Kundu dkundu [at]
Cotreasurer Hannah Constantin hannah.constantin [at]
Secretary Yvon Verberne yvon.verberne [at]
Webmaster Leonard Okyere Afeke leonard.afeke [at]
GSU representatives Peter Angelinos peter.angelinos [at]
Kyle Bower kyle.bower [at]
CUPE representatives Ben Erlebach erlebach [at]
Jesse Frolich frohlich [at]
Tea time organizers Ramón Ronzón (Head) ramon.ronzon [at]
Jesse Frolich frohlich [at]
Paul Sacawa psacawa [at]
Graduate seminar committee Ivan Telpukhovskiy ivantelp [at]
Stefan Dawydiak stefand [at]
Departmental council representatives Mateusz Olechnowicz mateusz [at]
Graduate Appeals Committee Robin Gaudreau robin.gaudreau [at]
Graduate planning committee representatives Afiny Akdemir afiny [at]
Debanjana Kundu dkundu [at]
Krishan Rajaratnam kr.rajaratnam [at]
Ivan Telpukhovskiy ivantelp [at]
Matthew Sunohara matthew.sunohara [at]
Social Comittee Reila Zheng reila.zheng [at]
Armanpreet Pannu arman.pannu [at]
MU liaison Matthew Wu mattw.wu [at]
Computer committee representative Vincent Girard vincent.girard [at]
Library committee representative Matthew Sunohara matthew.sunohara [at]

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Position Descriptions

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Officer Descriptions

President: The President is responsible for managing the day to day affairs of the MGSA, and to act in accordance with any decision arrived at by a majority vote at a general meeting, or a meeting of the executive. The President also acts as chair at any general meeting of the MGSA, or meeting of the executive. Along with the Treasurer, the President is responsible for making financial decisions on behalf of the MGSA.

Vice president: The Vice-President is expected to fill in for the President whenever the latter is unavailable. In addition, the Vice-President acts as a sort of Executive-at-large, and is involved in the planning and implementation of various MGSA events over the course of the year.

Treasurer: The treasurer keeps track of the MGSA's finances, maintaining a record of all bank transactions. He or she is responsible for writing cheques to reimburse expenses incurred on behalf of the MGSA.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for taking the minutes at all meetings of the MGSA, and helping out with other secretarial duties. When there is no designated Webmaster, the Secretary is also expected to maintain the MGSA's website.

CUPE steward (3 positions): Every teaching assistant in the department is a member of a union -- CUPE local 3902 -- and it is the stewards' responsibility to be our representatives at various union meetings and events. In addition, stewards are expected to report to the members of the MGSA any important union business, and to bring any concerns of the members to the attention of the union.

GSU representative (2 positions): Every graduate student in the department is also a member of the Graduate Students Union (GSU), and each representative acts as a liaison between the GSU and the MGSA. To this end, our GSU representatives are required to attend and participate, as members, in the monthly meetings of the General Council of the GSU. Representatives are also responsible for informing the members of the MGSA of the transactions of the GSU (usually in the form of a weekly email), and collecting the funds provided by the GSU for the MGSA.

Social committee (5 positions): The social committee meets to plan and organize various recreational (and perhaps educational or athletic) events througout the year. In the past, these have included weekly tea times, pub nights, dinners, movie nights, ice skating, potlucks, math events and summer softball. New ideas are always welcome! Each member of the social committee is expected to organize/co-organize 3 to 4 events during a one-year term. Specific sub-positions are Athletic Captain (1 position), Tea Master (2 positions), Top Gamer (1 position), and Creative Members (2 positions)

Graduate seminar committee (3 positions): Members of this committee are responsible for organizing the weekly graduate student seminar. Committee members would therefore be expected to find speakers (faculty members or graduate students), and arrange for the provision (with finances provided by the MGSA) for refreshments at the weekly talks.

Departmental Committee Descriptions

Departmental Council (2 positions): The departmental council meets twice a year to discuss issues pertaining to the general management of the department and its various programs.

Graduate planning (5 positions): The graduate planning committee is responsible for deciding the course of the graduate program in the department. In particular, the committee meets to discuss course offerings for the coming year, and graduate students who are interested in having a say are encouraged to volunteer.

Computer committee (1 position): The computer committee decides on computer hardware and software purchases by the department and other administrative computer-related issues. The graduate student representative should act as a liason between the graduate students and the computer support staff, directing computer-related requests to the right people.

Library committee (1 position): The library committee decides on books to be purchased for the mathematics library collection.

Non-Constitutional Member Descriptions

Webmaster (1 position): The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the MGSA's website. He also assists other cabinet members in overcoming computer-related obstacles (from completing MGSA-related tasks) when needed and possible.

MU liaison (1 position): The MU liaison serves as a messenger between the Undergraduate Math Union (MU) and the MGSA. His or her duties include forwarding email announcements of MGSA events to the MU contact person, as well as forwarding messages from the MU contact person to the appropriate member(s) of the MGSA cabinet. This position becomes void during years when the MU is inactive.

Bulletin reporter (1-2 position): The Bulletin reporter is in charge of keeping the bulletin board located in the main department hallway up-to-date, interesting and informative. Tasks include, for example, collecting and printing photos from past events to post, creating posters for upcoming events, and maybe creating decorative artworks to accompany the display. Creativity is an asset!

Appeals Committee Graduate Student Member (1 position): University guidelines provide for a graduate student member to sit on the appeals committee for each department. This individual provides a graduate student perspective during appeals processes.