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Future Talks / Travel: Sydney (March 8 - April 7, 2023), Los Angeles (April 7-9, 2023), ICERM (May 22-25, 2023). Los Angeles (June 14-16, 2023?)?, Tsuda University Tokyo (June 17 - August 20, 2023?)?. Kyoto (second half of July 2023?)?, University of Tokyo (August 8, 2023)?, Nara (August 11-13)?, Waseda University Tokyo (August 21 - September 17, 2023?)?, Los Angeles (September 18-20, 2023?)?.

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On first inspection, in their jars, or aquariums, or ouroboriums, they appear to be simply domesticated serpents, writhing as they do suspended in the ether. But of course, there's more to mythological creatures, even domesticated varieties, than meets the eye. Know this about the ouroborus: when one chooses to bite its own tail - a choice which sooner or later every one of its kind is destined to make - it cannot release it. It will spend the rest of its existence as a never-ending loop. It might twist and writhe and flatten and flex, but it is forever hooped.

An ouroborus in a jar on the shelf, from the Planetarium.