Computing the function W = Z2 the hard way. amorgani.gif (4342 bytes)

green-ball.gif (886 bytes) Input Joint.
red-ball.gif (527 bytes)Output Joint.
yellow-ball.gif (925 bytes)Supporting Joint.
blue-ball.gif (925 bytes)Active Joint.

This is the construction for the linkage of the function W = Z2 (Z a complex number), introduced in the Functional Linkages page. You can move the input joint (input joint of the lower translators), the output joint is the output joint of the upper translator. 1 unit distance equals 100 pixels on the applet's canvas, . You can resize the domains of all the sub-linkages by dragging its appropriate joints and resizing the input domain of the linkage. Try to move the input joint to the points: (1,0),(1,1) (0,1) to convince yourself that this linkage works!

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