Computation of Weil and Tate Pairings.

Guangwu Xu

Jan 20

Extreme Values of Artin L-functions and Class Numbers.

Allan Langridge

Feb 10

New Aspects of Polynomial Based Authentication, part I.

Nikolajs Volkovs

Feb 24

Genus 2 Curves with Complex Multiplication.

Atsuki Umegaki, Japan

Mar 03

New Aspects of Polynomial Based Authentication, part II.

Nikolajs Volkovs

Mar 17

View Obstruction Problems and their Generalizations.

Vishwa Dumir, Punjab University, India

Sep 22

Hash and MAC Functions with Transformations.

Nikolajs Volkovs

Sep 27

Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptosystems.

Ken Giuliani

Oct 13

Sum of Squares.

Valentin Blomer

Nov 01

Jacobians of Small Embedding Degree and of Small Exponent.

Igor Shparlinski, Macquarie University, Australia

Nov 15

The Arithmetic of Hyperelliptic Curves, part I.

Kenneth Giuliani

Dec 01

foto by:Jane M Sawyer