Introduction to Hash Functions.

Mike Cvet

Apr 14

Introduction to Stream Ciphers.

Adam Fabicki

Apr 14

An Assortment of Digital Signature Schemes.

Cuong Ly

Apr 14

The Kerberos Authentication System.

Mike Krec

Apr 21

The Elliptic Curve Factoring Algorithm.

Kevin Lawrence

Apr 21

An Introduction to Knapsack Cryptosystems.

Carpio Cheng

Apr 21

AKS Algorithm for Primality Testing, Part I.

Nataliya Laptyeva

May 22

AKS Algorithm for Primality Testing, Part II.

Nataliya Laptyeva

May 29

Monsky-Washnitzer Cohomology, Part I.

Robby Burko

Jun 12

Monsky-Washnitzer Cohomology, Part II.

Robby Burko

Jun 19

Monsky-Washnitzer Cohomology, Part III.

Robby Burko

Jul 03

Digital Signatures with Message Recovery.

Aaron Chow

Jul 10

Gait Recognition.

Elena Flat

Jul 17

Monsky-Washnitzer Cohomology, Part IV.

Robby Burko

Jul 31

Improved Bounds on Security Reductions for Discrete Log Based Signatures.

Satya Lokam, Microsoft Research, India

Aug 28

The Lucas-Lehmer Primality Test.

Kumar Murty

Sep 18

Monsky-Washnitzer Cohomology, Continued.

Robby Burko

Sep 25

Completions of affine algebraic varieties and a Bezout type theorem.

Pinaki Mondal

Oct 02

On the Statistical Properties of Diffie Hellman Distributions.

Catalina Anghel

Oct 23

The Elliptic Curve Factoring Algorithm, Part I.

Nataliya Laptyeva

Nov 06

The Elliptic Curve Factoring Algorithm, Part II.

Nataliya Laptyeva

Nov 13

Strengthening Digital Signatures via Randomized Hashing.

Aaron Chow

Dec 04

Logarithmic Derivatives of L-Functions at s=1.

Dusan Djukic

Dec 04

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