A new Digital Signatures scheme with customized (randomized) hashing.

Nikolajs Volkovs

Jan 29

Ihara's M-Function.

Kumar Murty

Feb 12

Introduction to Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography.

Kenneth Giuliani

Mar 05

Sum-product estimate in finite fields.

Catalina Anghel

Mar 12

The number of isomorphism classes of genus 2 curves over finite fields and partitions.

Atsuki Umegaki, Sophia University, Japan

Mar 19

The hardness of computing an eigenform.

Nataliya Laptyeva

Apr 09

Motivating Rigid Cohomology.

Robby Burko

Apr 16

Split-Key Password Encryption.

Kenneth Giuliani

May 21

Grobner Bases.

Jia Ji

Jun 11

An application of the Eichler-Selberg trace formula.

Kaneenika Sinha, University of Alberta

Jun 11

Grobner Bases, Part 2.

Jia Ji

Jun 18

An estimate of exponential sums (Bourgain style).

Catalina Anghel

Jun 18

The ABC Conjecture.

Kumar Murty

Jul 09

On Permutations of Finite Fields.

Amir Akbary-Majdabadno, University of Lethbridge

Sep 24

New RIP Bounds for Compressed Sensing Matrices.

Guangwu Xu, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Oct 09

An estimate of exponential sums (Bourgain style).

Catalina Anghel

Oct 15

The Rogers-Fine identity and the pentagonal number theorem.

Jordan Bell

Oct 29

Uniform distribution of roots of polynomial systems.

Michael Shub

Nov 05

Difficulty of Discrete Logarithm vs the Order of Elliptic Curves.

Aaron Chow

Nov 12

On the Large Sieve Method in Algebraic Number Fields.

Nataliya Laptyeva

Nov 19

A classical Diophantine problem and modular forms of weight 3/2.

Ali Mousavidehshikh, Shervin Shahrokhi Tehrani and Payman Eskandari

Nov 26

foto by:Jane M Sawyer