Algebraic Eraser and Non-Abelian Group-Based Cryptography

Hamid Usefi

Jan 20

Proof of one of Bourgain's theorems on exponential sums

Catalina Anghel

Jan 20

Side-Channel Attacks on SHA-3 Candidates

Aaron Chow

Jan 27

Nonvanishing of quadraric Dirichlet L-functions at s=1/2

Mariam Mourtada

Feb 03

On the Brun-Titchmarch Theorem

Nataliya Laptyeva

Feb 10

On various Gauss-Manin connections

Robby Burko

Mar 03

Small gaps between primes: A result of Goldstein, Pintz and Yildirim

Payman Eskandari

Mar 03

The Bivariate Polynomial Injection Problem

William George

Mar 10

Probabilistic reasoning and the number of prime divisors

Brandon Hanson

Mar 17

The growth of the Tate-Shafarevich group in p-Hilbert class field towers

Meng Fai Lim

Mar 24

Side-Channel Attacks on SHA-3 Candidates (Part 2)

Aaron Chow

Mar 31

Elliptic Cartan subalgebra

Ying Zong

Apr 14

Digital Signature Scheme with a generator kept secret

Nikolajs Volkovs

Apr 21

Zero-knowledge identification protocols

Sabrina Mameri

May 26

Some Consequences of Mazur's Conjecture

William George

Jun 02

Average over fundamental discriminants of L'/L(sigma,chi_D), 1/2 < sigma < 1

Mariam Mourtada

Jun 09

Ellipic Curves Public-Key Cryptography - Applications and Attacks

Andreas Stein

Jun 16

A Method for Computing Zeta Functions of Varieties over Finite Fields using Fibrations

Robby Burko

Jun 16

Notion of privacy and security within the secure electronic transactions

Aude Plateaux

Jun 21

Concepts for the development of a secure & privacy e-health platform

Coline Migonney

Jun 23

On the number of solutions of exponential congruences

Catalina Anghel

Jun 23

Computing weights in abelian group codes

Marinês Guerreiro

Jul 05

A decade of using non-commutative groups in cryptography

Delaram Kahrobaei

Jul 12

Polynomial Algebra by Values and Its Applications

Azar Shakoori

Jul 19

Fluctuations in the number of points of curves over finite fields

Chantal David

Aug 09

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