Algebra II

Instructor: Joel Kamnitzer,
Office: 6110 Bahen 416-978-5163
Office Hours: Mondays 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

TAs: Bradley Hannigan-Daley, and Peter Crooks,
Office Hours: Monday 2-3 pm, Friday 10-11 am in 215 Huron 10th floor.

Lectures: Monday 1-2 pm in FG 103, Tuesday 2-3 pm in RW 117, Thursday 1-2 pm in FG 103
Tutorial: Tuesday 1-2 pm, RW 143 (last names A-M) and RW117 (last names N-Z)

Midterm: Tuesday March 4, 1:15-3 pm, EX 300. Here is the review sheet.

Final: Here is the review sheet and here are the definitions from the course, part 1,part 2 and part 3 (thanks to Alexandra, Eric, and Angela).

Grading scheme:

  • Homework (10 assignments) 20%
  • Quizes (February 4 and March 25) 10%
  • Midterm test (March 4) 20%
  • Final exam 50%

  • Text: We won't have any specific textbook for the course. The following are all helpful references and I believe that Freidberg, Insel, and Spence will be closest to what we do in class.
  • Axler, Linear Algebra done right,
  • Freidberg, Insel, and Spence, Linear algebra
  • Hoffman and Kunze, Linear algebra
  • Treil, Linear algebra done wrong
  • Charles W. Curtis, Linear algebra: an introductory approach
  • Tim Gowers, How to lose your fear of tensors.
  • Kevin Purbhoo, Notes on tensor products and the exterior algebra
  • Notes on symmetric bilinear forms

  • Syllabus:
    Jordan canonical form (Axler 8 and 9, Curtis 7, Freidber Insel Spence 7)
    Bilinear forms (Friedberg Insel Spence 6.8, Curtis 27 and 31, Treil 7)
    Duals and tensor products (Curtis 8, Treil 8)

    Assignments are to be handed in at the beginning of tutorial, before 1:10 pm (note change from last semester).
    Assignment 1 (pdf), due Tuesday January 14
    Assignment 2 (pdf), due Tuesday January 21.
    Assignment 3 (pdf), due Tuesday January 28.
    Assignment 4 (pdf), due Tuesday February 4.
    Assignment 5 (pdf), due Tuesday February 11.
    Assignment 6 (pdf), due Tuesday February 25.
    Assignment 7 (pdf), due Tuesday March 11.
    Assignment 8 (pdf), due Tuesday March 18.
    Assignment 9 (pdf), due Tuesday March 25.
    Assignment 10 (pdf), due Tuesday April 1.

    Working Together: I encourage you to work together on homework assignments. Your peers are your allies, and you should feel free to learn from them. However, you should always write up solutions on your own. Working together on quizzes and exams is forbidden.

    Calculator: Calculators are not allowed on any quiz or exam.

    Absences: For excused absences, documentation must be provided. For planned absences, documentation should be provided no later than two weeks prior to the absence. In general, for excused absences, any missed assignments will simply not be used in the calculation of nal course grades. For unexcused absences, missed assignments will receive a grade of zero.

    Cheating: The University takes cheating very seriously. Please see http://www.utoronto. ca/academicintegrity/Academic_integrity.pdf. To quote this document: "Ignorance of the rules does not excuse cheating or plagiarism".