Geometric quantization: old and new

Organizers: Mark Hamilton and Yael Karshon

In: Canadian Mathematical Society 2019 Winter Meeting.

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Jonathan Weitsman, Towards a polarization-free quantization
Francois Ziegler, Quantization, after Souriau
Alejandro Uribe, Squeezed coherent states in complex polarization
Tatyana Barron, The twistor space of R4n and Berezin-Toeplitz quantization
Richard Cushman, Bohr-Sommerfeld-Heisenberg quantization of the mathematical pendulum, and - a relevant paper
Jedrzej Sniatycki, Bohr-Sommerfeld quantum system
Takahiko Yoshida, Adiabatic limit, theta functions, and geometric quantization
Hajime Fujita, A K-homology cycle via perturbation by Dirac operators along orbits
Jennifer Vaughan, A brief tour of metaplectic-c prequantization
Yucong Jiang, Metaplectic-c quantization

This session was partly funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and by the University of Toronto Mississauga.