Emile LeBlanc

Department of Mathematics
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 2E4

Office: +1 416 978-3950 (Bahen Centre for Information Technology, Room: BA6290G)
Fax: +1 416 978-4107

E-Mail: leblanc@math.toronto.edu
My PGP Public Key
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My mathematical genealogy is also available in a shorter surnames only version. (Thanks to my friend Jeff Rosenthal for his genealogy and for encouraging me to develop mine.)

Welcome. Currently I manage the computers for the Department of Mathematics on (mainly) the sixth floor of the Bahen Centre for Information Technology, but also in 215 Huron and 45 St. George Street, and I will be teaching MAT135 during the Fall Term. Please see Quercus if you are enrolled in the course (although this link is not yet active as of August 11, 2022).

For questions about undergraduate admissions and information or for course equivalents for courses please start at the Mathematics Undergraduate Information site.

If you wish to send me email you should avoid sending attachments and also be sure to send your email from a reputable SMTP server. The volume of spam that is transmitted these days has required that I implement aggressive filtering.

[Last update: August 11, 2022]