Giulio Tiozzo

Associate Professor of Mathematics -- University of Toronto

My field of research is dynamical systems and ergodic theory, with applications to
complex analysis, probability, and geometric group theory.

Public lecture: Patterns of Randomness
April 21, 2023, 3PM [Poster] [Video]

A Week at Infinity: [Lecture notes]

Andre'-Aisenstadt lecture: Entropy along the Mandelbrot set
October 15, 2021, 3.30 PM [slides] [Video]

Public lecture: Dynamical Roots
March 31, 2021, 4PM [Poster] [Video]

Slides for the MSRI workshop, Fall 2020:
Random walks on weakly hyperbolic groups - Lecture 1
Random walks on weakly hyperbolic groups - Lecture 2
Random walks on weakly hyperbolic groups - Lecture 3

Some of my recent preprints:
  • Equidistribution of hyperbolic groups in homogeneous spaces, with I. Gekhtman, S. Taylor
  • The Poisson boundary of hyperbolic groups without moment conditions, with K. Chawla, B. Forghani, J. Frisch
  • Master teapots and entropy algorithms for the Mandelbrot set, with K. Lindsey, C. Wu. See also the Gallery.

  • Fall 2021 classes:
  • Topics in Ergodic Theory: Introduction to Random Walks on Groups

  • UofT Dynamics Seminar

    Thurston's master teapot
    Bach and (hyperbolic) Brownian motion
    My profile by Universities Canada. My research is partially supported by NSERC and the Sloan Foundation.










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    St George campus: BA 6206
    Scarborough campus: IC 495

    e-mail: tiozzo AT math DOT utoronto DOT ca

    "Quando il tetro dromedario giunse dietro al tetraedro alzò gli occhi e disse: « Diamine! Son davanti a una piramide! »" (T. S.)