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The *o Group

A sugar packet
A sugar packet, March 2000.
A Thai wallpaper
Wallpaper in Racha Cafe, a Thai restaurant on Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue, April 2000.
Pixels on a DSC-S70 display
Pixels on the LCD monitor of Raz Kupferman's Sony DSC-S70 camera, November 2000.
Aging wine bottles
Sparkling wine bottles aging at the Hillebrand Winery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada January 2001.
A Gated Doorway
A gated doorway on Berkeley's Virginia Street, April 2000.
Outside wall of a house
The outside wall of a house in Berkeley, Oxford St. between Cedar and Vine, June 2000.
Little Italy Chair
A chair in a Little Italy restaurant, San Francisco June 2000.
A proud symbol
A proud symbol near a Perkins restaurant, Bethlehem PA, June 2000.
A carpet at BWI airport
A carpet at the BWI Airport, June 2000.
A shredder
A 1920's cheese/vegetable shredder seen at Rony Karshon's, February 2001.
Kauffman's Tie
Lou Kauffman's Tie, January 2002.