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Kashaev's Signature Conjecture

CMS Winter 2021 Meeting, online, December 4, 2021

With Sina Abbasi

Abstract. I will display side by side two nearly identical computer programs whose inputs are knots and whose outputs seem to always be the same. I'll then admit, very reluctantly, that I don't know how to prove that these outputs are always the same. One program I wrote mostly in Bedlewo, Poland, in the summer of 2003 and as of recently I understand why it computes the Levine-Tristram signature of a knot. The other is based on the 2018 preprint "On Symmetric Matrices Associated with Oriented Link Diagrams" by Rinat Kashaev (arXiv:1801.04632), where he conjectures that a certain simple algorithm also computes that same signature.

Handout: KSC.pdf

Annotated Slides: KSC@.pdf

Talk Video. (Also @YouTube).


URL: http://drorbn.net/cms21.