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Cars, Interchanges, Traffic Counters, and a Pretty Darned Good Knot Invariant

Groningen Math Colloquium, June 20, 2022

Abstract. Reporting on joint work with Roland van der Veen, I'll tell you some stories about $\rho_1$, an easy to define, strong, fast to compute, homomorphic, and well-connected knot invariant. $\rho_1$ was first studied by Rozansky and Overbay, it is dominated by the coloured Jones polynomial (but it isn't lesser!), it has far-reaching generalizations, and I wish I understood it.

URL: http://drorbn.net/gro22.

Handout: Cars.html, Cars.pdf.

Talk Video (in Waco, March 2022) (also @YouTube).

Sources: pensieve.