My mathematical interests include symplectic geometry, toric geometry, and Poisson geometry.

Here is my CV.

Some of my current collaborators are (in alphabetical order) Victor Guillemin, Eva Miranda, and Ana Rita Pires.

I also have a hobby of extending famous results about 4-dimensional symplectic manifolds to the case of 5-dimensional symplectic manifolds. My friends do not find this as amusing as I do.

I was accosted in a coffeeshop on two separate occasions by someone telling me that the diagrams I was looking at remind them of certain mystic Hindu symbols and that I really should start doing yoga. So it seems that minimal models of toric threefolds have unexplored applications in finding yoga partners.

The three papers on the bottom of the following list were written as an undergraduate and don't reflect my current research interests. But I'm proud of them, so I've included them anyways!


Research Talks