MAT 445/1196F - Representation Theory

Instructor: Fiona Murnaghan

Information about complex symplectic Lie algebras

Course notes


Notes on character rings and Hecke algebras, by Yichao Zhang

Notes on modular representations, by Akshay Kalle

Notes on rational valued characters, by Kay Yang

Notes on Weyl's character formula, by Ben Reason

Notes on Weil representations of finite groups, by Tim Tzaneteas

Notes on irreducible representations of A_5, by Maria Wesslen

Notes on group determinants and k-characters, by Andy Hammerlindl

Notes on primitive Galois representations, by Zavosh Amir-Khosravi

Notes on Artin's Theorem and Brauer's Theorem, by Janos Kramar

Notes on Gelfand Pairs, by Robert Barrington Leigh

Notes on representations of symmetric groups, by Graham Gill,