Thesis supervisions

Students, post-docs, young collaborators

Ihsan Topaloglu (Fields-Ontario postdoc). Geometric inequalities
Anton Asareh-Tuah (doctoral research, University of Ghana at Legon, co-advised with M. McIntyre, since Summer 2012). Sharp inequalities, convexity

Anne Dranovski (undergraduate/graduate non-thesis research, 2012-14. Now graduate student at UofT). Random reflections and random foldings on the sphere
Tomas Kojar (Master's project, 2014)
Qin Deng (Master's project, Summer 2013). Symmetrization
Danny Cao (Master's project, Summer 2014). Large deviations in the network calculus
Arthur Korneychuk (Master's thesis research, Jan.-Sept. 2014). Steiner symmetrization
Greg Chambers (undergraduate/graduate non-thesis research since 2007. Now tenure-rack at Rice University). Symmetrization and geometric inequalities
Christian Seis (co-sponsored post-doc, 2011-14. Now Professor in Münster). Partial differential equations, pattern formation, calculus of variations
Andrew Colinet (undergraduate research, Summer 2013. Now graduate student at UofT). Geodesics in Waserstein spaces with mobility}
Hussein al-Zubaidy (NSERC postdoc in ECE supervised by J. Liebeherr, 2011-2013. Now postdoctoral research associate at KTH, Stockholm). Network calculus
Reza Asad (undergraduate research, 2012-13. Now graduate student at UBC). Uniformly distributed sequences and Steiner symmetrizations
Dan Ginsberg (2010-2012, co-advised w. M. Chugunova and G. Simpson. Now doctoral student at Johns Hopkins). Thin films, elastic curves
Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal (student/postdoc of J. Liebeherr in ECE, 2010-12. Now postdoc at Waterloo). Network calculus
Ehsan Kamalinejad (doctoral thesis research, 2008-12. Now Assistant Professor at California State University, East Bay). Gradient flow methods in PDE
Marina Chugunova (NSERC/co-sponsored post-doc 2008-12. Now Assistant Professor at Claremont Graduate University). Thin-film equations
Adrian Poon (undergraduate research, Summer 2011. Now graduate student in Economics at Stanford). Inequalities in convex geometry
Mustazee Rahman (undergraduate research, Summer 2010. Now graduate student in Probability at UofT). Rearrangement inequalities, convex geometry
Marc Fortier (Master's thesis research, 2009-10). Random symmetrizations
Emanuel Milman (co-sponsored post-doc, 2009-10. Now senior lecturer at Technion, Haifa). Asymptotic geometric analysis
Weiwei Guo (undergraduate research, Summer 2009, supervised by M. Chugunova). Partial differential equations
Ben Stephens (co-sponsored post-doc 2006-09). Geometric analysis, optimal transportation
Filomena Feo (visiting post-doc, July-September 2009. Ricercatore at Università di Napoli, Parthenope). Partial differential equations
Florin Ciucu (student/postdoc in CS, 2003-08, co-advised w. J. Liebeherr. Now Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick). Network calculus
Mu Cai (undergraduate research 2006-07. Ph.D. in Statistics 2013, UC Berkeley). The Russo-Seymour-Welsh inequality
Aaron Smith (undergraduate research 2006-07, supervised by R. McCann. Now assistant professor at University of Ottawa). Yamabe flow of an asymmetric cigar
Erin Valenti (doctoral thesis research, 2003-06. Now Investment Analyst at Monticello Associates, CFA 2010). Motion of an infinite elastic curve
Oliver Cheng (undergraduate research, Summer 2006. Now Graduate student in Mathematics, Brown University). Inequalities in percolation
Kunal Kathuria (undergraduate research, Summer 2004. Modeling FRET in protein clusters
Jon Handy (undergraduate research, Summer 1999. Ph.D. in Mathematics 2007, UCLA). Minimal spanning trees

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