Spyros Alexakis  

I am a Professor at the
Department of Mathematics,
University of Toronto.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
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UofT Analysis/Applied Math Seminar
Our seminar meets on Fridays from 1-2PM, in BA6183.

Thematic program on the Centennary of Einstein's equations at the Fields Institute

In May and June 2015 I co-organized a thematic program at the Fields Institute in Toronto, on the occasion of the 100 years of Einstein's equations (jointly with M. Dafermos (Princeton), L. Lehner (Perimeter), H. Pfeiffer (CITA, Toronto) and E. Poisson (Guelph)). As part of this, we organized a conference on Black holes from June 1--5 2015, bringing together leading researchers in this field, from both mathematics and physics communities. The videos of all lectures are available here .
The event also featured an outstanding public lecture by Clifford Will. Maybe the ideal way to introduce a layman to basic concepts in this subject.
The thematic program also included many focus weeks, on Constraint equations and Mass-momentum inequalities, Perturbation Methods, Black Hole stability, Singularities, and Non-linear waves. Links to the slides of those lectures will be available soon.


I am interested in General Relativity and Geometric Analysis. I also like Inverse problems.

(Please note that the preprints posted here have some small differences from the published versions.)